Annual Renewal of Dues
Deadline for renewal is no later than March 31st

To Join PSWC by Paying with a Check

Want to mail your application and check? Download the PDF of the application form, print, fill-in and mail:
pdf PSWC Membership Application Form

Membership Fees:
$45 for Members,
$55 for Signature and Distinguished members,
$50 for International Members and
$60 for International Signature and Distinguished Members.

Make checks payable to PSWC
Mail to:
61 Wathen Ave.
Sanger, Ca. 93657


Membership Designations:

Signature Status
Acceptance into three PSWC Pastels USA Open Exhibitions qualifies PSWC Members for Signature Status. As of 2008, a place award earned in a PSWC Membership Show may be used as one acceptance toward becoming a Signature Member.

Distinguished Pastelist Status
The Distinguished Pastelist designation is awarded to PSWC full-members who have received three awards within five consecutive PSWC International Open Exhibitions.

Maintaining Signature or DP Status
Requires continued payment of dues no later than March 31st each year. Restoring member status requires starting over, not just paying back dues.


Support PSWC by becoming a Volunteer!
As we grow, staffing needs change and along with that, Board members' personal lives change, too. In view of this, we are in constant need for volunteers to take over positions or assist the current Board members in their respective duties. Please consider volunteering in this worthy endeavor and help PSWC grow and continue.

To Join PSWC Online:

It's simple to join PSWC online. Membership Dues are due March 31st of each year. Payment is made through PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account. Mastercard and Visa are also accepted.

Your confidential information is automatically emailed to our Membership Chair. Once your payment has been accepted you will receive your Membership card.

If there is a problem with this form, please contact the Membership Chairperson for assistance. Thank you.

Contact PSWC President at if you would like more information. Thank you for your help!

Membership Application

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